Solid Wood Handcrafted Coffee Tables

Each table is made in a traditional box-style design, optional side glass panels are incorporated into each piece to give side views of the inlay.  These tables come standard with any of our sculptures series inlay.  Tables can be purchased individually for those wanting to inlay their own keepsakes.   Standard woods we use are black walnut, cedar, wormy maple, and red oak.  For those with specific needs for the type of wood or dimensions, have a look at The Wood Database for different options and let us know what you want.  Not shown – optional rack underneath for magazines.  Optional mounted light kit available to illuminate at night.  Dimensions: Height 19″, Width: 18-32″, Length 50″.    Please contact us for purchasing, questions or custom options and dimensions.

Pricing for standard coffee tables start at $1,675 USD (includes shipping and tax).

Our Tables are 100% Made in America.